I'm Kelley Spoon, and you're probably stalking me since that's the only reason to be here. Well, let's just see if we can't oblige your need to pry into my affairs (at least a little bit).

Personal Stuff

Single, male, San Antonio, TX. Gallup Strengths: Strategic, Learner, Intellection, Maximizer, Context. Don't watch too much TV, play PC games occasionally.

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Work Stuff

I'm a system developer that specializes in Linux and virtualization. My main niche seems to be working in startup environments.

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Computer stuff

Some projects and howtos that I've put together that someone else might find useful.

Linux biased, but not exclusive.

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Game Stuff

Sometimes I make videos when I play games.

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Hobby Stuff

Carpentry, Bass, working out (powerlifting and krav maga).

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