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Linux (server and workstation), Cisco, firewalls (Cisco Pix, shorewall), red5, openvpn, apache, dns (bind), dhcpd, openldap, samba, XMPP (prosody, openfire, ejabberd), monitoring (OpenNMS, nagios), source control (cvs, svn, git), databases (postgres, mysql, sqlite, MS SQL), mail (sendmail, postfix, spamassasin, amavisd), asterisk

Software Development

C, C++, .net/C#, javascript (jQuery, ext2), perl, bash, python, ruby, lua, erlang, hAxe, java, actionscript, Linux packaging (rpm and deb), Windows packaging (WiX)



Spoonix, LLC
San Antonio, TX
  • Provided expert advice on the design and implementation of Linux based services
  • Configured secure distributed networks to allow geographically dispersed teams to work together
  • Provided purchasing guidance for virtual servers and management of those systems
  • Gained experience managing outsourced software development projects

System Developer

Ultraline, LLC
San Antonio, TX
  • Responsible for quickly establishing and documenting the newly created company's internal and external infrastructure
  • Integrated our custom built LMS with Sakai via the BasicLTI protocol
  • Designed, developed, and deployed an XMPP based system allowing real-time course communication between instructors and students (InstructorNow)

System Developer

Front-Line Systems, Inc.
San Antonio, TX
  • Invented and prototyped an XMPP based real time situation awareness web application (SLAM+)
  • Took over maintenance of the Sell2AirForce website for remainder of the contract
  • Participated in a massive project to improve accessibility problems in online courses for Veteran Affairs
  • Created a tool to allow embedding live and recorded video in online brochures
  • Created a service based on VNC to allow instructors to observe remote student desktops

Senior IT Engineer

Rackspace Managed Hosting
San Antonio, TX
  • Participated in department planning and setting IT business goals for the fiscal year
  • Responsible for maintaining existing IT services and adding new ones
  • Devised and implemented an incident reporting system to allow us to better inform users and senior management during unplanned service outages
  • Assumed interim supervisory role while maintaining development and administration duties
  • Participated in planning and execution of a headquarters move to the Datapoint offices

System Engineer

Rackspace Managed Hosting
San Antonio, TX
  • Developed and maintained RPMs for customer and internal IT use
  • Developed and maintained an unattended provisioning system for RH 5.2-7.2, RHEL 2.X, and FreeBSD 4.x. Integrated install results with those from our Windows and Solaris provisioning systems to give a clear picture of the software installed in our datacenters.
  • Provided top tier customer support and advice for our support techs.
  • Developed a utility for locating the switch port of a server based on MAC address and allowed our datacenter staff to enable/disable the port remotely
  • Deployed our PXE based provisioning system to 3 other geographically remote datacenters
  • Developed a modular way to deploy 3rd party software during both automated installs and after the server had been deployed.
  • Developed the "alamo" proof of concept Linux kernel module to detect altered system call table on compromised servers

Distribution Engineer

Brisbane, CA
  • Produced the 3.0.1, 3.6, 4.0, and 6.0 releases of TurboLinux for North America
  • Provided customer support for English operations
  • Responsible for all US IT operations
  • Developed automated build system and distribution release tools
  • Responsible for maintaing the TurboTools system configuration applications, the installer, and adding support for new hardware
  • trained new technical staff as the company began growing

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